Designing, arrangements, permits

We offer our design services to the full extent at residential, service and public facilities as:

– Single-family and multi-family buildings, interiors

– Restaurants, bakeries, dental offices, multi-branch stores, warehouse halls, car showrooms, spa, offices, hotels

– Sports halls, railway stations, aquaparks, clinics, hospitals

We will obtain all permits necessary for the implementation of the investment, arrangements including:

– Building permit, use, construction supervision

– Arrangements with fire, sanitary and hygienic appraisers, health and safety at work, health care, expert opinions

– Obtaining derogations from regulations, construction on flood plains,

Architectural inventory

3D laser scanning of objects for the best possible reproduction of the object, recommended especially at historic buildings, with lots of details

Construction of 3d model

Investment promotion

Visualizations, animations, advertising on social networks, websites, 3D printer models, mock-ups – currently it is difficult to convince the customer to their vision without it.

Audits, energy performance, thermo-modernization projects

Audits of existing buildings needed to finance thermo-modernization or required by the Energy Efficiency Act of May 20, 2016

Designed energy characteristics

Energy characteristics needed when selling apartments

Thermomodernization projects

Entry in the register of persons authorized to draw up energy performance certificates https://rejestrcheb.mib.gov.pl/rejestr-uprawnionych
Entry number: 14502

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